Bulk Sms services, What Kenyans do not know about Bulk sms


Most Kenyans might be wondering ‘what is Bulk SMS Messaging?’ and have probably never heard of it.

Bulk messaging is the dissemination of large numbers of SMS  messages for delivery to mobile phone terminals. It is used by media companies, enterprises, banks (for marketing and fraud control) and consumer brands for a variety of purposes including entertainment, enterprise and mobile marketing.

Bulk sms kenya

How Bulk SMS Services Works

Bulk SMS software can send up to 10,000,000 text messages within 24hours but first you must have a registered sender ID. Bulk SMS Kenya allows you to send a text message in bulk; it also allows some messages to have a reply path (2-way messaging). Bulk SMS Kenya allows one to use Home Location Register (HLR) which enables you locate the phone numbers of the various recipients. Bulk SMS Kenya ensures there is constant and active interaction between Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) and you so that it is simpler for you to monitor your SMS.  Bulk SMS Kenya ensures that the Interactive Voice Response is working properly to ease communication between the service provider and you (our customer).  Communications Commissions of Kenya must certify verify and approve your message before Bulk SMS Kenya can send it because it is a requirement by the court of law.  There are no charges to set up, no premiums, and no monthly payments; you are only required to pay for each SMS you send

What makes Bulk SMS Kenya an Excellent Solution?

Bulk SMS is a reliable platform that enables you to communicate to millions of people within a short time frame and can send the messages at any time. Another advantage of Bulk SMS Service is that it has no time restriction, in that it cannot get outdated easily because cell phone users are increasing day by day and by sending messages to consumers has a great marketing appeal.

Therefore, regardless of the several advances in technology, Bulk SMS services will always remain timeless. Bulk SMS  is a flexible means of communication because it is capable of several people at once even in the case where the people do not have an access to internet enabled phones. Bulk SMS is highly economical because it is a very cheap mode of advertising and is high on returns. Most messages sent to potential customers or just a certain group of people tend to spread the word to close friends, family, and acquaintances thus spreading the invitation to more and more people thus over achieving the target that was to be set. Bulk SMS allows everyone to have his/her account where you (customer) are able to monitor the SMS and get the delivery report status.

Possible uses of Bulk SMS services

  • In school

Bulk SMS Services has several uses in most institutions, companies, retailers, and schools for various purposes. For example in institutions such as schools, Bulk SMS  comes in handy when the school wants to send communication to the parents to remind them about parents meeting, inform them on school fees deadline or even invite them for an event in school.

  • In churches

Bulk SMS Kenya is efficient in churches because it is capable of sending communication to the congregation in time to inform them on concerts, crusades, choir meetings, sending prayer, and donation requests. Bulk SMS Kenya is very useful within the church to motivate its congregation by sending motivational messages and bible quotes to them especially to the new converts in order to remind them to come to church. The congregation is able to keep in touch with the church by receiving reminders on when to pay tithes and give offerings and receiving the prayer items, which they are required to pray about.

  • In organisations

Bulk SMS Kenya is an efficient way of companies communicating to each other, to customers and to suppliers. A certain company can communicate to several companies at once to send any form of information within a short time because it is more efficient than sending letters or emails. Some companies love keeping in touch with their customers and this requires efficient communication. Bulk SMS Kenya is an excellent means of communication especially when the company is targeting most of its customers. The customer gets a certain sense of belonging and feels so appreciated when they get a text message from a company and that is why it is a good way of maintaining good customer relationship, thus it is an excellent marketing strategy. Companies such as mobile service providers, (Airtel, Safaricom, Orange, and Yu) benefit a lot from Bulk SMS Kenya.

Companies are also able to communicate with their suppliers within a short time using the Bulk SMS services. Bulk SMS Kenya gives the company an opportunity to talk to different suppliers at once in a cheap and efficient way like in the case of a supermarket, which requires several suppliers.

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